How to add Websites as app shortcuts to Android home screen

We visit many websites daily looking for something or just for fun. Among them some websites we visit frequently like any news, blog or shopping websites. For this either we need to manually type their names in address bar, save them as bookmarks or just do a search for the website. Isn’t it good if we can access these websites with just a single click?

Now I will show you how you can visit your favorite webpages by just adding those websites as shortcut to your android home screen and can visit them with just one click by following this simple guide. It will add a shortcut to your favorite websites on home screen and will look same as any other app. So that when you click on the website shortcut, it will open that website with your default web browser. Let’s Begin then.

How to add Websites as app shortcuts to Android home screen

  • First go to the website you want to add as app shortcut on home screen. Tap on option key of you smartphone, here you can see many options.

add Websites as app shortcut 1

  • Then tap on save as bookmark menu. On next screen you can change its label as your desired name or leave as it is for the website shortcut and tap on “add to” drop down menu.
  • You will see an option as add to “Home screen” here. Now select add to Home screen and tap on OK.

add Websites as app shortcut 2

  • Now go to your home screen, you will find the website shortcut on your home screen with its logo and the name provided by you.

add Websites as app shortcut 3

From now on you do not need to manually type name of your favorite websites. Just click on the website shortcut icon on your home screen and it will open the webpage for you with your default android browser.

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