How to check your own mobile number: Airtel, Aircel, DOCOMO, Idea etc.

It always happens that we forget or can’t remember our own mobile number when we get new SIM card or just can’t remember at times. The fact is you need some time to remember it if it’s a new SIM number. Before that it is always a problem to recall your number when you need it. For this you will always try different ways like to call your alternate number or you will call your friends and relatives mobile to get your number which is a long process and just waste of time.

But from now you just need to type these codes into your cellphone and can get your own number in a pop-up alert within a sec. Check below codes, they are different for different operator.

Check your Operator below to find out your own mobile number

Check Your Aircel Mobile Number

•    *122*131#
•    *888#
•    *1#
•    *234*4#
•    *131#

Check Your BSNL Mobile Number

•    *1#
•    *99#

Check Your Airtel Mobile Number

•    *121*9#
•    *140*175
•     *282#
•    *141*123#
•    *140*1600#
•    *400*2*1*10#

Check Your TATA Docomo Mobile Number

•    *1#
•    *580#
•    *124#

Check Your Reliance Mobile Number

•     *1#
•    *111#

Check Your Idea Mobile Number

•    *147#
•    *1#
•    *131*1#
•    *100#
•    *789#

Check Your Vodafone Mobile Number

•    *111*2#
•    *555*0#
•    *777*0#
•    *555#
•    *131*0#

Check Your Virgin Mobile Number

•     *1#
Thank you for reading our post. Hope that information will help you. We haven’t tested them all but most of them will work for sure. If you face any problem do let us know.  We will try to update these codes in future if only they need any change. If this article helped you please share it and help others to find this useful information. You can bookmark our site, you may need these in future . Keep visiting for more useful articles like this.

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