Easy Ways To Prevent Viruses On Android

Viruses or malwares are softwares which are crafted to destruct any computer or mobile devices. Once a malware enters your device it will start disrupting the operation of the system. It will start doing some unwanted activites such as stealing money by making unknown  SMS and phone calls also remotely transfers your important datas, contacts to their servers.

Amid of these malware attacks, the android devices are the most attacked operating system by hackers or malware developers. So, i have decided give an guide that will help you protect your device by avoiding these shit malwares. Just follow below guide to ensure your mobile security.

Don’t Download Apps From Unsafe Unknown Sources

Typically we download apk file of apps from unknown sources which may contain malwares or viruses that can steal information and cause harm to your device after being installed on your device. So try to be oblivious to not downloading and installing apps from outside of Google Play Store unless you are assured that the website is safe.

Understand App Permissions Before Accepting Them

The permissions of apps are dominant to the overall security of the device. If any permission of any app seems a bit scarcy, such as a live wallpaper app asking permission to make phone calls or send SMS, then it will be ideal to uninstall such apps as soon as possible.

Use An Antivirus App

You should use an Antivirus app on your Android device to give a shield to your device security. The tools of an antivirus app can help you to detect potential phishing websites, provide information about the kinds of permissions the other apps are requesting. Some antivirus apps also have anti-loss tool that can help us to locate our lost or stolen device.

Don’t Root Device

Though rooted Android devices has many advantages but has some major drawbacks as well. Rooting breaks securities layers of a device and allows many apps including malicious or virus apps to access the data of other apps in the Android device.

Check Ratings & Reviews Of Apps

Take a look on the reviews and ratings for a particular app on the Google Play store as people may give a low rating and negative review for an virus or malware containing app.

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