How to Boot Android Device into Recovery Mode

To fix some serious issues on an android smartphone or tab, almost all android device come with a recovery feature that enables us to do many tasks like factory reset, wipe data or if you want to install custom ROMs.

This feature will come handy for fixing booting issues, if your phone hangs or lags often or you forgot your pattern lock or password and you don’t have data connection turned on in the background, then most probably you end up doing a factory reset form this recovery mode.

Doing this will delete all of your phone’s data and restore it to the default settings. So think before doing factory reset as you are going to lose your entire phone’s data. It is always better doing to take backup of data before doing a factory reset.

Boot Android Device into Recovery Mode

Booting into recovery mode is very simple. First you need to turn off your device and then hold down some key combination while rebooting your device will enter into recovery mode. The key combination which we use to boot into recovery mode varies from device to device and also different for different manufacturers.

I am providing with some key combination which you may try depending on your device or manufacturer.

  • Type 1: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Type 2: Volume Down + Power
  • Type 3: Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Type 4: Volume Up + Camera

boot into recovery Mode 1

Once you are in recovery mode you can navigate using volume up and volume down and use power key to select an option.

Hope any of the given method will boot your device into recovery mode. If none of them works for you please write in comment section. We will try to help you find your right combination of keys to get your device into recovery mode.

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