How to change Shutdown button option on windows 7

The default option that is present on start menu shutdown button is to switch off the computer. However if you want to change this default option to any other actions like restart, log off, switch user or sleep, you can easily customize the button to fit to your needs. To customize or change shutdown button option you need to follow some simple steps given below.

How to change Shutdown button option

change Shutdown button option

  • Go to start button. Click on the little arrow beside Shut down button, here you can see other action available such as Restart, logoff or sleep. If you Shut down your PC less and Restarting it most of the time, then this will help you how to set Restart as default action.

change Shutdown button option 2

  • Now to change default button action, right click on start button and select properties. It will take you to the “Start Menu” tab of “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” setting.

change Shutdown button option 3

  • On Start Menu tab, you can select the default action you want with that button from power button action drop down menu. Now select your choice then click on “apply” first then click “OK” to close the settings window.

change Shutdown button option 4

  • Congrats! You are done. Now you can find the changed action button in place of default Shut down button.

change Shutdown button option 5

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