How to download Android apps from Google play store on PC

If you ever think of to download android apps or games (APK files ) to your PC but you cannot do that because Google doesn’t have any feature like that. You may need this feature or to be able to download APK files for apps or games on your PC for many reasons, like the size of the APK you want to download is too large or maybe you do not have access to the apps due to your location or the internet connection on your PC is better than your mobile connection.

I am providing you with a simple solution for it using which you can download Latest versions of any android apps and games (APK file) on your PC easily. For it you don’t need any 3rd party software like Bluestack for it.

Everything you need is a web browser (Any browser you can use) to do this trick and can easily download all the apps and games you need by following some steps explained below. The best part is this online apk downloader does not require Device ID and google account for downloading apps.

Download Android Apps or games from Google play store directly to your PC

Step 1: First go to Google Play Store.

Step 2: Go to any app or game you want do download and copy the code from address bar like below.


Step 3: Now Go to APK Downloader Here.

Step 4: Paste the code in given field and click on generate download link .


Step 5: Now on next page you will have your APK download link , just click on that download link. Now you have latest version of your APK file directly from Google play store.


Now you can just copy or move the downloaded apk files from your PC to your mobile and install there. You can download any number of free apps you want while to prevent piracy, the site does not allow to download paid apps.

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