How to Fix Unknown Error Code in Android Play store

“Unknown Error Code” many of us are aware of this. Considering the fact that Google play store got millions of apps and billions of users those install apps from play store every single day, from it seems fair that it is not a big deal if you come across some error codes like this.

Most of the time people come through this error code 921 “Can’t download or update app” while they were trying to update their apps or downloading some new apps. We can overcome this blockade using some quick fixes.

As I said before you may come across the Unknown error code while you are trying to update an app or downloading new apps. Nothing to fear if you come across this code, this is actually not a serious problem or it will do any harm to your device. This is one of those problems that happen sometimes if we are having a bad day. The weird thing is many people face this issue while they were using Wi-Fi connection.

How to Fix Unknown Error Code in Android Play store

Actually you can bypass this error code in a very simple way. You can do this by refreshing Google account connection in play store. For this first go to the application manager from settings menu.

Inside application manager, go to all tab there you can find Google Play Store app. Tap on Google play store app. First clear cache under play store app and play store services app, then try downloading or updating the app again.

Fix Unknown Error Code in Android 1

If this doesn’t fix the issue go back and tap on clear data on both play store app and play store services app. It is also good to clear cache again.

If the issue still persists you can try removing your Google account from accounts setting and then re-add it. Reboot your device here after re-adding Google account.

By this time your issue must have been fixed. You can also try some other fixes like trying to download or update on different data connection.

If you face any issue in above method do let us know in comments. If you have any other solution, you can explain in comments that will help others. Keep visiting for more updates. Thank you.

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