How To Make WiFi HotSpot Using Android Device

The Android OS started providing WiFi Hotspot creating feature from the release of Android Froyo 2.1. By setting up a WiFi Hotspot, we can share our data connection from our phone to other phones or PC or laptops.

Configuring a WiFi HotSpot on your android device is so easy. Here, i have prepared an guide to help you to make WiFi HotSpot using a Android device. Just follow my below guide.

Steps to Configure WiFi Hotspot On Android

1. Go to Settings >> Wireless and Networks

2. Tap on ‘Tethering and portable hotspot’

3. Select ‘Wi-Fi hotspot settings’ and tap on ‘Set up Wi-Fi hotspot’.

4. A Popup menu will open, tap on ‘Security’ and select ‘WPA2 PSK’

5. In Password typing area, put your desired password.

6. You can change ‘Network SSID’ which will represent the name of your wifi hotspot. Change it to your desired name if you wish and then click on ‘Save’.

7. Once above things done, Check on Wi-fi hotspot to turn it on.

8. Now test on your other mobile device or PC or laptop by searching for available WiFi networks. If the above steps are done accordingly, you should see your WiFi hotspot name in the list of WiFi Networks.

You should know that having this feature enabled can drain your device battery in better speed. So, make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot feature when not using.

Thank you for reading this guide. Hope this will help you to make WiFi HotSpot using Android device. Do share with your friends. Keep visiting for more useful guides.

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