How to maximize laptop battery backup

Many laptop users find it difficult to run their laptop on battery due to low battery backup time. However we can try some tricks to maximize battery backup of your laptop.

How to maximize laptop battery backup

  • The battery come with each new laptop are uncharged and need to be fully charged before we start to use it. We need to charge and discharge the battery immediately some times before relying on them. To discharge we can just unplug the charger as soon as it reaches 100% charging and to keep using on or left unused till it discharges back to at least under 10%. In fact we can continue a habit of fully discharging and recharging of battery once every week. This will keep battery in a healthy condition.
  • You can got to the control panel of your laptop, open the power management area, and ensure that the Windows is aware of that it is running on a laptop and it needs to optimize the power management to get most out of your battery. For example it may stop the hard drives when it is not being used, or it will put your screen off if you are away for some time. You can also try to avoid heavy resource programs while you are using battery.
  • While not using your laptop you can shut down rather than keep it to sleep mode to prevent it from eating your battery life. What it does is if you have a modem that is capable of receiving calls; it will keep your laptop awake and will drain battery power in order to receive any call, but hardly many people uses their modem for calling purpose.
  • DVD drive of your laptop also consumes power to run. The best practice is that you can leave a disc in your Laptop’s DVD drive. Doing this is beneficial as your laptop peeks inside the drive at some random intervals, and it will find the disk which consumes less energy than searching for one.

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