How to Run WhatsApp Web on PC

The Whatsapp Web Feature is a big bonus for the messaging lovers. As Whatsapp is the most popular social networking app in the market with having more than one billion users, it is still expanding its user base by giving introducing some cool features to its users.

Recently, Whatsapp launched a new feature called Whatsapp Web. The Web feature helps to run a Whatsapp Account on both Mobile and PC at the same time. Here, in this topic, i am going to give you the easy ways to run your Whatsapp account on PC on any browser.

How to Run Whatsapp Web on PC

  • Go to from your PC browser.
  • Then the page will show you a unique QR Code like the image below.

whatsapp web pc mobile 3

  • Now just open Whatsapp from your mobile.
  • Go to Options and select Whatsapp Web. A QR Code Scan screen will appear on your mobile screen.
  • Take your mobile to your  PC and scan the QR Code showing in your PC Browser with the scanner screen of your mobile.

whatsapp web pc mobile 2

  • Now all the chat conversions will appear in your PC Browser.
  • If you want to sign out from Whatsapp on PC, then  go to Whatsapp options on your mobile>> Whatsapp Web>> Sign Out.

whatsapp web pc mobile 1

Thanks for reading my guide on Whatsapp Web Feature. I hope you like this simple guide and it will be helpful for you. If yes then do a favor for me by sharing this guide with your friends.

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