How to Scan QR codes using Android app

As we all know we can find QR codes at many places or on many items. QR stands for Quick Response. It is the modified version of the barcode. QR code is capable of containing more information than that of barcodes. If you are wondering how we can use these QR code, then read on, how to scan QR codes using Android app.

Generally QR code contains information or more details about any product, emails, contact information, ISBN which on scan will open a link or will show more information regarding that particular product or service. You can also verify some apps like Whatsapp to use on computer with QR code scanning.

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You can find many apps on Google play store for scanning QR code. You will find most of them will do the job for you. But QR Code Scanner is one of the best rated apps available on android app store. Using this app you can scan any QR code or can create your own QR code.

How to Scan QR codes using Android app

Scan QR codes using Android app 1

  • Tap on SCAN to read any QR code or barcode. It will use your camera to read any QR code. Just move your camera to the QR code so that the app will read or scan it.

Scan QR codes using Android app 3

  • After it is done with scanning it will open the detailed information of the QR code on your Android browser.
  • You can keep a track of your scanned QR codes or barcodes on its history panel. Tap on history to see your previously scanned QR codes.

Scan QR codes using Android app 4

  • You can also create your own QR codes. To create QR code tap on Generate. You can use this option to create your own QR codes for Social media, website links, contact information and many more kinds.

Scan QR codes using Android app 2

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