How to stop ads in Android Notification Bar

All android device comes with a nice feature i.e. notification system. This is meant to be used to notify users about any app notifications, which helps users to view all app related updates under a single tab. Like if you get a comment, like in Facebook or replenish of energy in a game it will show you on your notification bar.

But many app developers abuse this feature to display their ads in place of notifications which is very annoying at many times. So to overcome this issue I am giving a simple trick about how to stop ads in android notification bar.

How to stop ads in Android Notification Bar ?

This can easily be achieved with devices running on Android 4.1(Jellybean) or higher. You can follow steps below to stop displaying ads on notification bar.

1.    If you know the application which is displaying ads then you can directly go to the app through settings> app manager, then tap on the app you want to stop displaying ads.


2.    You need to uncheck box for “Show notifications”, and click “OK” when the warning appears.

3.    From now on the app will not display any ad.

If you don’t know the app which displaying ad you can follow below steps.

1.    Go to notification bar.

2.    Long press on the ad you want to stop displaying, it will pop up app info.

3.    Tap on app info, it will take you to the app that displaying the ads.

4.    Here you can repeat the steps mentioned above to stop displaying ads.

If you want can also uninstall that app if you don’t need it anymore, it will not just stop displaying ads also will free up some storage space.

If you want to undo previous steps or want the notification again, you can just go back to the app and recheck the “Show notifications”. Now you will resume receiving notification from the app.

Thank you for reading this guide. Hope this will help you stop ads in android notification bar. Do share with your friends. Keep visiting for more useful Infos.

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