How to Stop Automatic App Updates in Android

Having too many apps installed in a Android mobile and to keep each app updated manually takes time. But the Android mobiles has Automatic App update system which default setting is ‘On’. This helps the apps remain updated every time with enjoying latest features of all apps.

In another point of view, it can be a heavy loss for a user having 2G, 3G or 4G connection. Some unwanted updates generates lots of money as they are high size apps. As it consumes a lot data, it is not good having auto-updates are enabled with not limited to Wi-Fi only.

Apart from that, this constant updating and data transferring process always keep the phone run in background. It makes the battery drain fast than expected. So, this will be cool to have this feature disabled or optimized.

Yes we can change in the option of auto-updation of apps. So follow my instructions in this post.

Stop Auto-Updates in Android

In case of app-updates Android gives full freedom to its users to change settings of app-updates according to their needs. We can turn off updates fully or can limit to when connected to Wi-Fi. Besides this, we can enable auto-updates of some specific apps which we use regularly.

Follow below steps to make changes in auto-updates setting of Android.

• Open Google Play Sore app.
• Click on the three horizontal lines on the top-left.
• Click on Settings > Auto-update apps.
• To stop automatic app update fully select Do not auto-update apps.
• Instead of it if you want auto-update of apps only when you’re connected to WiFi, select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only option.

Android also have option for its users to choose which specific apps they want to update automatically despite the above settings.

To turn on auto-update for any specific app:

• Search and go to the app page in the Google Play Store app.
• Tap on the option soft key of phone and tick on Auto-update.

In this way, we can disable automatic app updates and still can make our favorite apps updated automatically.

Have you changed your automatic app update settings? Why did you do so? Please don’t shy to comment.

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