How to turn your PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot without Router

We all know that almost all of the android device comes with a feature called tethering. Tethering is the ability to share your android smartphone’s internet connection to any other devices. It can be done in various ways like when the phone is connected to PC via USB cable it is called USB Tethering, when the internet connection is shared over Wi-Fi it is called Wi-Fi tethering and the same is called Bluetooth tethering when shared through Bluetooth. Have you wondered before that you can also turn your PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot without Router.

It will be interesting if we can access the internet connection of our PC or laptop on our mobile. As we may find many Broadband plans are usually less expensive compared to mobile data plans. I am going to give you a simple trick using which you will be able to turn your PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot.

For this you need a Laptop or PC with Wi-Fi feature and must be having working internet connection.

How to turn your PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • First you need install a software called Connectify on your PC.
  • After installing, click on Connectify icon to run it.

PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot 1

  • Now you can see a screen with different fields, where you can provide your Hotspot name and for security you can provide a password to protect your connection from un-authorized use. After providing all the details click on Start Hotspot button.

PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot 2

  • Now your Hotspot is activated. You can connect your mobile, tab or any other devices to the Hotspot you just created above and will be able now, to access internet on them.

PC into Wi-Fi Hotspot 3

Thanks for reading this guide. Hope this trick will help you to turn your PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot without Router. If you find any trouble doing this trick you can comment below, I will try to help you as soon as possible. Do share and keep visiting for more interesting topics.

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