How to unlock Android device if you forgot pattern lock or password

Most of us always use pattern lock or password to protect our smartphone from unwanted use or if we don’t want anyone to access our personal photos or apps. Doing a pattern lock or putting a password on screen is always good. But it is often annoying and stressful if sometimes we forgot our pattern lock or password and not able to access our phone for any urgent use.

In this guide I am going to describe of how to unlock android device if you forgot pattern lock or password in a simple way and regain access to your Android smartphone or tablet.

How to reset screen lock?

  • After you unsuccessfully try your patter lock for 5 times, the device will show a message that you need to wait for 30 sec before you try to enter your patter again. Now tap on ok and then tap on forgot pattern as shown in the screen shot.

Pattern Lock 1

  • After you tap on forgot pattern it will take to you to a screen where you need to enter your Google account details. Now enter your google account details on this screen and tap on sign in.

Pattern Lock 2s

  • After successful sign in it will take you to unlock section screen where you can now reset your pattern or you may try for different screen lock option on this screen.

Pattern Lock 4

Using the above method you will be able to unlock your screen in an easy and quick way if you remember your Google details. If you don’t remember your Google account details then you may need to factory reset your smartphone.

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