How to Use your Mouse at its Best in 2020 (Simple + Effective)

A mouse is an essential component of the computer. At times we may need to tinker some settings of the mouse for the speed of pointer to make you comfortable for use. But hardly anyone notices there are many things you can do with your mouse settings which can give you a lot more comfortable usability. Let’s see what we can do with our mouse rather than just sensitivity setting.

How to use your Mouse at its best

Are you Left handed?

The default setting for a mouse was set by windows is for right-hand users. The Index finger is used for primary functions of mouse which is easy to use on left mouse button. The right mouse button is used by the middle finger for secondary functions. But it is good as long as you are right-handed. But left-handed user will find it more difficult with this setting.

So for this windows got setting like to use the mouse with left by changing its button function. This setting is located under “Buttons” tab of mouse setting.  As soon as you click on the checkbox it will change the button function for left-hand use even before you apply the setting.

use your mouse at its best

Good for slow clicks

Many people find it difficult to double click or open folders if the mouse is set for high double-click speed. What it does is, it counts the double click as 2 single clicks and doesn’t perform the desired task. So to adjust mouse click speed that matches to your use slide the setting towards slow and you can check instantly by clicking on the yellow folder. This way you can adjust your double-click speed settings.

use your mouse at its best 4

Most usable if your finger is Lazy

People usually find doing some drag and drop actions or selecting large area of text, the thing is they don’t like to drag the mouse till the work is done, and also sometimes it fails when we drag and drop anywhere in middle.

For this, there is an option called clicklock on settings. Click on the checkbox “Turn On ClickLock”. It will make the mouse button sticky. When you need to drag or drop any file or want to select some text then press and hold the mouse button for a while and release it and move your mouse, it will work like as if it is pressed and click the left button again to release after you select the portion of text or to drop the file at some place.

use your mouse at its best 2

You can also adjust how long you need to hold the mouse button to lock it by clicking on “settings” button.

use your mouse at its best 3

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