Manage Memory and application of your android smartphone

In this article I am going to discuss and let you know how you can manage memory of your android device. It will surely help android beginners.  If you go to storage inside settings you will find internal memory storage, this is reserved for data on your android device.

First thing you will always notice that, the storage capacity of any device you get is always less than what it was announced or said by its manufacturer. You are wondering why it is like that. It is simple because your Android also needs space to operate with too.

To check what thing taking up your memory look in to your storage tab in your setting. For further details you can check under device memory.

android memory 1

How to free up memory

You can go to app tab from device memory, if you can’t you can go back to setting and can go to your apps menu from there.

The application Page

On application page you will see many apps there. You can perform below actions on them to help you free up memory.


You can uninstall any app here if you don’t need it anymore or don’t use it often and your device needs some memory to free up. You may consider uninstalling some unnecessary app to get some good amount of free space.

android memory 2

Move to SD Card

Using this option you can move you application to your SD card, Which will certainly free up internal memory of your device.

Clear Data

This will clear up all of the data related to an application. If you erase the files for an app like Facebook, you’ll have to re-enter the passwords again. This is something to use with precaution. For example, saved games will probably also get erased.

Empty the cache

This is also a domain that requires common sense. In fact, what we are about to do is delete the cache for certain apps that are taking up a lot of room. The cache, like mentioned before, is a type of library where your apps store their files to retrieve later on. It can be emptied from time to time. Emptying the cache will allow you to deblock an application that doesn’t work anymore, like Google Play after its failed update.

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