Open an image or ISO file with Daemon Tool

Whenever we download a big game or any big software it comes as an image or ISO file. From which we need to write to a CD or DVD through DVD writer to use it. For this you need a DVD writer and blank DVD to write the software.

But if you just want to use the software after that you are not going to need that software installer in a while, then the above process is not fruitful. Rather than using a DVD writer you can just use a virtual DVD drive which can mount your ISO file and will behave as a normal DVD drive that will help you to install the software.

There are many ISO mount tool available on internet. Daemon Tool Lite is one of the best and free to use for personal use to mount or open an image or ISO file. Let’s go through the steps below to make daemon tool work as a virtual DVD drive.

How to open an image or ISO file with Daemon Tool

Open an image or ISO file 1

  • After you finish download run the installer. It will start downloading the setup file. Wait for the installer to finish downloading. After it finishes downloading, click on install.’

Open an image or ISO file 2

  • Choose free license, and continue to install. After it completes with the installation, click on finish.

Open an image or ISO file 3

  • You are done now. Right way you can go to any image file and open it with Daemon Tool Lite to access to its files. This will save you some of your time and money if you are planning to write the ISO to a DVD though the DVD writer.

Open an image or ISO file 4

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