Ways to Find IMEI Number of Any Mobile

The IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) , a unique number which is assigned to every mobile phone sold officially. The IMEI number is associated with SIM slots. A dual sim featured phone have two IMEI numbers. This number is useful when you lost your phone or you might be asked for IMEI number if you are selling an old phone online. In case of a lost phone, The Police ask for the IMEI number when making a FIR and then they can blacklist the respective IMEI number from calling or accessing network. To find IMEI number of your mobile follow my instructions in the post.

For your better understanding i have divided the post into parts as follows.

(A) If You Have The Phone
(B) If You Have Lost Your Phone

(A) If You Have The Phone

Using USSD Code

Yeah! This is the most simplest way of finding the IMEI number of a phone. This method works on most of the feature phones or smartphones. So, just try this easiest way before going for any other way.

Dial *06# from your mobile.
Now the IMEI number(s) will be displayed on your mobile screen.
Now you should take a screenshot of it or note it a down and keep in a safe place.

Check Settings

If using an iPhone, go to Settings. Click on General>About>IMEI

If you are on Android. go to Settings. Click on About phone > Status and then find out your IMEI Information.

On The Body Of The Mobile

Specifically if you are using an iPhone 5 or any newer iPhone, the IMEI number is crafted on the back panel. Flip your iPhone and note it down. If you are on iPhone 4S or older iPhones then the IMEI number is printed on the SIM tray.

The IMEI number on most other phones is printed inside the phone. It is printed on a sticker which is under the battery. Just remove the battery and note it down.

(B) If You Have Lost Your Phone

The phone’s bill or retail box

Any one of these, the phone’s bill or retail box becomes important when you lost your phone. The IMEI is written on both the retail box and bill of the phone. So, it is better to have the retail box instead throwing it outside. Keep it safe if you want to sell you phone later or essentially know the IMEI number of your phone.

Android Users

If you are an Android user, then you have the ultimate advantage of knowing your Mobile’s IMEI number even if you lost your phone and don’t have its retail box and bill.

• Sign in to Google Dashboard using your Google account which is linked to your Android mobile.
• Click on Android which is next to the Android logo.
• Now it will show you the list of devices associated with your Google account and their IMEI numbers.

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